Be Local, Buy Local

Monday-Friday, 10-2 on the hour, Saturday, 12-3 on the hour

IN THE EARLY 19th CENTURY, Boston was a center of cabinet and chair making. With their wealth and eye for design and style, Christopher and Rebecca Gore could have bought their furniture elsewhere, but they appreciated and supported local craftsmen. How 21st century of them!

Gore Place offers an outstanding collection of Boston-built furniture. Pieces range from simple country chairs and utilitarian washstands to high-style secretary/bookcases and sideboards. Many of the finer pieces belonged to the Gores.

The Boston-built pieces are identified by a card bearing a green acanthus leaf. The Gore pieces are identified by a card bearing the Gore coat-of-arms.

On your tour, notice the Boston furniture, in particular, those pieces that belonged to the Gores. We’ll be asking you to vote for your favorites at the end of the tour. For more information about the exhibit and tour, click here.

  • The activities Rebecca Needs Your Help! and The Big Chair Mix-and-Match are available to children and adults in the Laundry Room. These are available to anyone and do not require tour admission.